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What to use when Fishing Bass Beds in the Spring.

When heading into March, every fisherman loads up on some major bed fishing tackle. Here’s a few ways to get those fish to notice your lure.



A nice soft or hard bluegill or bream swimbait tends to cause the bass to try and scare it off because they are protected their bed.

Image: http://cdn3.volusion.com/9j7vu.jw4f2/v/vspfiles/photos/Mattlures-U2Bluegill-2.jpg?1371050611

You can also rig up a live brim to where it naturally invades the bed


The rigging consists of a bobber, a hook, and maybe a small lead weight.


Brush Hog; this bait is excellent for, of course, throwing into brush and grassy areas. Mostly used color is green pumpkin, usually Texas rigged or even rigged on a shaky head (small sized.)

Image result for Brush hog lure


Image result for Shaky head

A VMC shaky head stand-up hook tends to work, works typically well with longer, dense worms, fry, or even crawdads.

Two Best Bass Fishing Knots.

Improved Cinch Knot

The Improved Cinch knot consist of 5 or 6 twist, insertion of the line into the base loop, then back around to the exposed loop after the insertion. After the main process, make sure to tug tightly to where the knot slides all the way down, finally, just clip the remainder of line to where about a 1/8 inch of line is left.


Make sure to only use this knot when using mono and fluorocarbon line.


Here is a good informational video from youtube on how to tie a correct cinch knot.

Palomar Knot

The Palomar knot is good for using braid line due to the slick sliding and movement of the knot process, it makes it easy

Image result for palomar knot

Soft Plastics to Use in Colder Water

Number 1


Black and Blue Senko. Due to the fact that it’s cold and the fish are still in shock they need to see an attractive color that really wakes them up.

Number 2


A good ole Texas rig Brush hog, bullet weight, watermelon red flake, and 3 oz Gamakatsu hook will slay the bass. Pop it once or twice in under 7 feet of water to really get the bass moving.

Number 3


Flipping rigs really do it during this time of year, especially near heavy vegetation. Because of it’s unique movement, the bass are really attracted to it.

Mid February Lures to Try Out

Mid February Lures to Try Out

 So it’s February, it’s still cold but you still know the fish are biting. Let’s take a look at these lures.



The black and blue craw jig is perfect for the cold water, just simply bring it across the bank and you’ll be bringing home the ten pound you’ve been dreaming of.




When you’re down south and need the crankbait to win you a more than a few big ones in the good ole tournament this is what you turn to. If the bass spot this swimming through their living quarters, they will be forced to this beautiful lime colored tasty fella. Used near tree limbs and shady area.




Yeah, that’s right, a shad. Bass are just so accustomed to eating these guys that they just can’t turn away. Bringing these across the deeper parts of the bank tend to bring out the toads.

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